American Dad! Season 18, Ep. 19 “Cry Baby”

In which Stan learns to empathize

One of Stan’s consistent traits is his unwillingness to learn empathy. So of course the show often returns to that particular well for a Stan storyline. Here, Stan needs to learn to cry for a mission but loses to Jackson. While relaying his loss to the family, Stan learns that Steve is up for Best Buy’s Best Boy award (as judged by Carol) and feels empathy toward the perpetual second place contestant. Stan enlists Steve’s help to learn to cry. Stan attempts to learn empathy through personal stories but it ends up failing. They seek professional help (running through a gamut of doctors previously seen on the show) until they come upon a new doctor

This new doctor uses a technique on Stan which finally makes him able to cry (after understanding the ending of Cars 2). Stan wins a cry off and gets named Cry Baby King. However, soon he can’t turn it off, so Steve brings him back to the doctor who reverses it. Stan realizes that Steve needs to learn to empathize less with people, so he knocks him out and takes him to the doctor.

Steve now lacks empathy. This causes problems at the Best Boy Awards where Steve’s new attitude alienates Carol from Best Buy. In an effort to win Steve the award back, Stan attempts to humiliate the second place finisher, Brent. When that doesn’t work, Stan Temple of Dooms Steve, who reveals he was faking it so that Brent could win. Carol realizes that Stan possesses deep empathy to do that for his son and Stan is given the Best Boy Award.

In the B-Plot, Roger enlists Jeff to write an apology letter to Tuttle for some shoddy contractor work he did installing an air conditioning unit. Tuttle accepts the apology and allows Roger to work in his attic again. Of course, Roger ends up wrecking the place again.

Stray Observations

  • Stan previously learned to cry from in “Every Which Way But Lose”
  • Jackson has a picture of himself and Cleveland Brown. Jackson and Cleveland were both voiced by Mike Henry until recently
  • Robert Wuhl appears at the Best Boy awards. He previously made appearances in “Manhattan Magical Murder Mystery Tour” “Mine Struggle” “The Talented Mr. Dingleberry”, “One-Woman Swole” and “Persona Assistant”
  • The doctors during the montage are Dr. Weitzman, Dr. Slippy, Dr. Baby, and Dr. Kalgary. Dr. Ray Petit is apparently dead again

Thoughts: This was ok again. They stretched a plot point of something they did previously into an entire episode. The B plot had some laughs but feels woefully short. I enjoyed the ending to it though.