Weekly Games Thread Sophomore Smashes

Hey everyone. Your friendly neighborhood Bones here. Hope you’ve had a good weekend. What games are you playing? What do you think of them? Be sure to check out Game News Roundup…whenever it’s finished this week! And one more thing:

While I unfortunately haven’t had time to actually play anything recently, as I’ve been struggling to balance Werewolf hosting and games news writing, I do have an idea I’ve been thinking about. The fairly universal/consensus rave reviews of Psychonauts 2 happening so close to, and stay with me here, The Suicide Squad’s premiere. The Rabbit community that me and Wolfman Jew are leaders of had watched the previous Suicide Squad film many years ago and still hold it up as one of the all-time worst things we’ve seen for its poor lighting, editing, and utterly offensive script choices. Suffice to say, we think much better of the new film. So these two together are a sort of mini-phenomenon of the “sophomore smash”, notably very successful or comparatively far more successful second entries in series, contradictions to the “sophomore slump” cliché. So what are some other personal examples of sophomore smashes in gaming series or gaming ouevres (i.e., notable studios and creators’ broader careers)?