Night Thread Talks Bresson Album 2021 Favorites

Ah yes baby. Come join us talk music on site at the Avocado Music Club on Wednesday, the Weekly Music Thread on Thursday and Friday New Music on Friday for some musical mayhem. Also the threads with the biggest smoking beneath the bleachers energy ever. Which means were not scary just kinda dropouts.

Anyway here are some records from this year I enjoyed that I think need more eyes on them with small write ups! Since there is a image limit I hot linked tracks to all the albums in the titles with a youtube video, how nifty.

Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt – Lucy & Aaron (Hanson Records)

Famed noise artist and Wolf Eyes member joins the Colombian experimental artist for a album that is full of haunting soundscapes and tape music that is also wildly easy to get into.

Cory Hanson – Pale Horse Rider (Drag City)

The lead guitarist for psychedelic weirdos Wand turns out a solo record that is full of end 70s sing&song writer and country stuff with a real uneasy edge to it. Music that is very pleasant but also keeps you on your tones for every second it’s playing

Charli Adams – Bullseye (Color Study)

If you ever wondered what Phoebe Bridges on a kick of early 00’s rock-pop and country pop sounded well I got the record for you.

Cheekface – Emphatically No. (New Professor)

Do you miss the times where indie-rock was just fun and/or sounded like Pavement and related slacker core bands. Well I got a band for you then here.

Esther Rose – How Many Times (Full time Hobby/Father/Daughter)

After last years tremendous My Favorite Mistakes EP Esther Rose returns with maybe the best traditional-ish country record I heard all year. Warm, sad and also so goddamn good.

Editrix – Tell Me I’m Bad (Exploding in Sound)

Math-rock infused art-punk ready to feel like a caffeine overload.

Fievel Is Glauque – God’s Trashmen Sent to Right the Mess (La Loi)

A bunch of expats and locals from Brussels make a weird jazzy pop racket that recalls ye-ye and bossa nova at the same time and can’t make songs last longer then 2 minutes(expect the last one).

Lael Neale – Acquainted With Night (Sub Pop)

Mostly armed with just a auto harp Neale turns out a folk album that is unique and real spooooky.

The Neighborhood Brats – Confines of Life (Dirt Cult)

Catchy punchy garage-rock punk that spots from lyrics about taking no shit from people.

Nana Yamato-Before Sunrise (Dull Tools)

DIY indie-pop gem from Japan that plays playfully with around 20 years of lo-fi indie-rock/pop history and got big lockdown energy.

MAN ON MAN – Man on Man (Polyvinyl)

Faith no more/Imperal teen guitarst/keyboardist teams up with his partner to make the most bear themed mess of 1000 things record ever. It’s damn fun also!

NAW – Head Pain (Self Released)

Sludgy metal fused noise-rock from Atlanta that recalls good shit from years passed like White Lung and Canadian legends Nü Sensae whose drummer is a country cowboy these days.

Ratboys – Happy Birthday, Ratboys (Topshelf)

Ratboys deliver their best record so far with a bunch of re-recordings of their earliest stuff. Figures. A-class indie-rock.

Pig Destroyer – ******** of Sound: Live in NYC (Relapse)

Leaving behind their uninspired last record the grindcore figureheads return with a live album that perfectly cuts through their whole generation.

Pigeon – Deny All Knowledge of Complicity (adagio830)

Nervy German post-punk in the vein of a early Wire and allot of bands that darn Glyph likes.

Quivers – Out of Time & Golden Doubt Ba Da Bing/Spunk)

Despite delivering a great jangle indie record in the Go-Betweens vein the Australian band also delivered a great album length cover of the R.E.M. classic.

Still missing allot of records I liked here. Enjoy I guess? Come visit the music threads, please we don’t bite.