The Hooty Night Thread is THRILLED to See You!

“Oh my gosh! I have COMPANY! I’m so happy to see you! Make yourselves at home, just watch your step, Eda doesn’t keep the place very clean.

How was your day? Feel free to tell me about your day! I’m a good listener! I LOVE listening! Or, I could tell you about MY day! I ate a lot of bugs. Bugs taste good, but they’re an acquired taste. What did you eat today?

Did you have a good day or a bad one? I CAN BE YOUR EMOTIONAL SUPPORT OWL WORM BLANKET! Sorry. Not everyone likes listening to me, but that’s okay, because I have my thoughts. Plus I have a way on growing on people. Even Amity likes me now, and I think I freaked her out when I met her. I should know, since I had the bandages to prove it! Luz said it was because I violated her “personal space”–whatever that means! But no matter. I love those two adorable youngsters!

But my best friend IN THE WORLD is Lilith. I guess you could say we’re kindred spirits because we both don’t get enough attention. I would like to think it’s because we share a passion for eating bugs, but I’ve never actually seen her eat one. I LOVE my BFF! She even pats my head because she thinks I’m a special demon.

Have a good night! A VERY good night! Tell me everything! Or let ME tell YOU everything! Am I too much? I’m being too much, aren’t I? DON’T YOU CALL ME NEEDY! HOOTY HOOT HOOT!”