Comic Book Review – Suicide Squad – Get Joker #1 (of 3)

Suicide Squad – Get Joker #1 (of 3)

Writer – Brian Azzarello

Artist – Alex Maleev

Jason Todd, aka the Red Hood, has been apprehended and placed in jail in Gotham City. After one too many fights with the other prisoners, he is transferred to Belle Reve Maximum Security Penitentiary. He is approached by Amanda Waller to join Task Force X with a mission that’s too good to refuse; an opportunity to find and kill the Joker.

In a perfect bit of synergy, this issue was released the same week The Suicide Squad hit theaters and HBO Max. I read it the day before I saw the movie to get amped for the sequel and I was not disappointed.

When I finished the first issue, I thought to myself that this should have been the plot of the first Suicide Squad movie. When discussing the first film, I always thought that Deadshot and company should have been after Joker. Adding Harley Quinn to the team would have made for great drama and conflict. Will she side with her puddin’ or do what it takes to capture him and bring him to justice?

The group of villains that are chosen are familiar with comic fans with a few new fresh faces added to the mix. Each are chosen for their skill set and their superpowers. Red Hood has a connection with a few of them, while others will probably end up causing some friction with him at some point over the next two issues.

A lot of people enjoy Ostrander’s run on Suicide Squad because of his use of socio-political tones and how they affect the Squad’s missions. Azzarello does a fantastic job of bringing current events into this story. Some people either praised his inclusion of hot button issues into this story or felt it was too soon to have these situations included in the narrative. How the United States is seen on the world stage and who their allies and adversaries are is touched upon when you find out who the Joker was hired by to cause chaos in Gotham City. The nod to Ostrander’s socially relevant undertones is not just included in this mini-series but also a large part of the plot of The Suicide Squad as well.

Maleev did a great job showing comic readers the grit and griminess of life on the streets in his run on Daredevil. Hewas the perfect choice for Get Joker! You’ll need a hot shower after touring the side streets and back alleys of Gotham City.

If you left the movie theater hungry for more (mis)adventures of the Suicide Squad, then you should definitely hit up your local comic shop and pick this issue up as soon as possible.

Get Joker! #1 gets 4 masks out of five. Jason Todd will have his hands full trying to keep his team members on the task at hand and from taking a long dirt nap. Can he trust Amanda Waller or will he get burned like so many before him? It is not if, but when, he has the Joker in his crosshairs, will he be able to pull the trigger and end the madness once and for all?

Suicide Squad: Get Joker #2 will be released on Tuesday September 7th, 2021.