Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (8/17)

Welcome to the Weekly Movie Thread! This is your place on the Avocado to discuss fillms with your fellow cinephiles. All movies are welcome, whether it’s a classic drama by the likes of Ingmar Bergman or a mindless Peter Berg blockbuster. What have you seen lately?

Today’s bonus prompt: Movies you’ve watched because they were mentioned or featured in other media. (h/t Pizzamouse)

One of my own odd ways of discovering movies are through memes. Sometimes there are moments so wild that they look even crazier when stripped of all context. Hence, why I decided to check out Streets of Fire just so I could understand why Willem Dafoe was making this face.

I was a little disappointed to discover that it was not because he was some sort of vampire. Though it may be something just as baffling: a hybrid of a 50’s greaser and 80’s punk.

On the other hand, Nicholas Cage gifs do tend to pay off because the movies are indeed as crazy as the snippet of film suggests.

More commonly are references to films in TV shows. Pizzamouse had discovered Das Boot thanks to a reference in American Dad. Perhaps some of you had gone on to watch Jesus Christ Superstar due to a reference from MST3K or Anchors Aweigh because of the scene where Stewie dances with Gene Kelly in Family Guy.

Next week: your first R-rated film