The Day Thread of Flowers in Film (Aug. 16/21)

Flowers have had many great moments in film. My all time favourite is the flower shop in Vertigo pictured above, a breathtaking explosion of colour that upends expectations when it appears.

Other favourite moments…

The Wizard of Oz‘s poppy field:

The Tramp buying flowers from his crush in City Lights, trying so hard to impress her by pretending to be a man of wealth:

The singing flowers of Alice in Wonderland:

So, so, so many others:

I’m not sure those are flowers in Solaris, but it looks cool. Maybe they’ve just gone to seed.

Things I learned digging up images for this post:

  • Flowers should be in every movie.
  • Hollywood loves a Parisian flower shop/market.
  • I tried to include some TV shows, but there is a British show called Flowers, which makes googling “flowers in TV” much less successful an endeavor than googling “flowers in film.” Just pretend Lorelai Gilmore’s thousand yellow daisies are up there. (Heck, I could probably do a whole post just on Emily’s floral centerpieces.)
  • Marty loves flowers. Loves them. I didn’t mean to include so much from Scorsese movies, but did I mention the dude loves flowers? The only two movies mentioned in this post I haven’t seen are The Irishman and Hugo, but since they both have scenes that echo Vertigo‘s flower shop (as well as The Age of Innocence (which is wall-to-wall flowers) and The Wolf of Wall Street), I had to include them. I know Scorsese habitually references Hitchcock, but I hadn’t realized he’d hit the flower shop so many times.

Have fun today! Show me your favourite flowers and yell at me for my glaring omissions. (Midsommar, yeah, yeah, yeah, I know.) But whatever you do, please… don’t eat the daisies.