The Intolerable Mugginess of the Friday Politics Thread

It is just awful outside these last few days. Like walking into a wall of warm soup. Remember a month ago when you all saw those pictures of the NY subway system after a downpour? Well, if you went down there today, all that water would be from human sweat.

Actual quote from RoRo this week: “Daddy? I don’t like Wonderwall. Do you like Wonderwall?” I, of course, replied. “No, I don’t like it that much either, but to each their own” This discussion brought to you by SiriusXM and their incredibly weak song selection.

Friday Rules apply. No McSquirrels, no Ben Garrison, no Hog Poggling (who’d want to in this weather?) Newly added at the request of the PT members – No Candace Owens.

Enjoy your Friday!