Friday the 13th (The Series) Day Thread

I usually like to post a Friday the 13th related thread here at the Avocado to celebrate the date. Today is no different but we will be taking a detour to discuss Friday the 13th the Series.

Friday the 13th the Series featured Robey, John Le May, and Chris Wiggins. Mickey (Robey) and Ryan (Le May) are cousins who inherit their Uncle Lewis’ antique shop. However, Jack Marshak, an old of associate of Lewis, warns the cousins about their uncle. The antiques that were sold were cursed by the Devil and need to be returned to the store before they harm innocent people.

My sister and I would watch this in syndication on Saturday afternoons just before we left to go to 4:15 PM Mass. They did a really great job pushing the envelope with the gore for being a series on television.

Famous horror directors, like David Cronenberg, actually helped bring some episodes to life. The series only lasted a few seasons but this is one to check out if you are able to do so. I remember the Sci-Fi Channel used to rerun them during the good old day of the cable channel.

Something to Discuss – If you have seen this series, tell us your favorite episode/cursed object.

Bonus question – What is your favorite activity you partake in on Friday the 13th?