The Night Thread Talks Bresson Album Favorites #5

5 out out of 7 people. I decided to do some stuff related to my ongoing review/talkabout/long winded rants about my vinyl collection that can be found on this site under the Crate Skimmers moniker. So i’m going to talk 7 night threads in a row about some albums you might’ve not heard but are well worth a listen.

#5 Chantal Goya – Les années 60

Before she became a famous children entertainer in France Chantal Goya was part of the whole ye-ye girl craze going over the world. Mostly led by Francoise Hardy, Sylvia Vartan and France Gall this mix of (mostly) American girl pop music, cool jazz and beat music was a bit of a catch all for all the young French female singers at the moment. Goya’s music swingend from beat music to soul like ballads blessed by her very French talk-singing voice. Les Années 60s translates to the (years) 60’s and that is pretty much what this complication does. Collecting her singles from 1964 to 1967 including the tremendous ‘soundtrack’ 7inch to Godard’s Masculin Feminin which she appears in. So being a model, a Godard actress and a singer in the 60s I don’t know what is cooler honestly. The rest of the tracks are great also:

Si tu gagnes au flipper uses a pinball game as a metaphor for your boyfriend going out with your best friend

La flamme et le feu being a teeth scattering sweet (good) love song about well fire and flames

Sois gentil is well a song about being nice and gentle. Nothing more.

Also shout out to her post career as a children entertainer for our French posters