The Night Thread Talks Bresson Album Favorites #4

Fourth day of the week folks. I decided to do some stuff related to my ongoing review/talkabout/long winded rants about my vinyl collection that can be found on this site under the Crate Skimmmers moniker. So i’m going to talk 7 night threads in a row about some albums you might’ve not heard but are well worth a listen.

#4 Rodan-Rusty

The Louisville sound is one of those catch-all terms I never really liked. How can you bands like the stoic Slint, punky Crain and classic emo heroes Eliott together beside they all play rock music indebted to (post-)hardcore. It for sure was a happening scene from when punk started but even more when post-hardcore kicked in when bands throw out the 3 chord rage for longer songs and ‘learned to play their goddamn instruments’. Modern math-rock hails from there also; just look at bands like Bastro and today’s entry Rodan. Named after Godzilla’s frenemy it’s a fitting name for a band whose loud tends to go kaiju by which i mean loud. Rusty is their only full length and in my eyes often overlooked when people talk about the 90’s meaning of post-hardcore. Starting with the beautiful instrumental layered Bible Silver Corner it explodes into Shiner where the band never takes a breathing break after this between the finger numbing guitar work and dual vocals. Long complicated songs with lyrics often more cryptic then they make any sense mostly led by the core of Tara Jane O’Neil bass and Kevin Coultas’s extremely loud drumming. As pretentious post-hardcore ever got in the mid 90s pretty much and I love every moment of it.