The Night Thread Talks Bresson Album Favorites #2

2 out out of 7 people. I decided to do some stuff related to my ongoing review/talkabout/long winded rants about my vinyl collection that can be found on this site under the Crate Skimmers moniker. So i’m going to talk 7 night threads in a row about some albums you might’ve not heard but are well worth a listen.

#2 Go Sailor – Go Sailor

Rose Melberg at this point is pretty much American indie-pop/rock royalty with her bands Tiger Trap, The Softies, Gaze and Go Sailor. Honestly Tiger Trap and Go Sailor take on English twee-pop labels like Sarah were releasing in the end 80s/early 90s is so indebted I hear their influence pop up in allot of stuff these days. With good reason because all these bands are wonderful with the short lived Go Sailor being the best. A band that managed to release a few 7inches and some loose tracks this complication collects them all in a neat place. Barely clocking over 30 minutes it’s some of the most wonderful bittersweet jangly guitar pop you will hear in well forever. Less mellow then the Softies but lacking the rougher edge of Tiger Tria it really nails guitar-pop perfection here. Fine Day for Sailing and the only track not sang by Melberg The Boy Who Sailed the World have been on so many mixtapes I made and boy does this album never fails to lift my mood. Poorly long out of print and not on streaming anywhere it luckily is in full on youtube.