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The Wednesday Politics Thread

Believe Women was never about blindly believing any accusation but about treating every accusation as you would any crime that harmed and resulted in negatively altering a Human Being’s life, their sense of safety, as well as physical and mental wellbeing. Me Too was never about abusing political agendas but about pointing out the disturbing commonality and recurrence of violence against Women and the bizarre outrage and aggression people show in response because a Woman dared raise her voice and tell her story, share her pain, and express the harm done to her at the hand of someone she trusted, loved or respected.

These movements to make victims’ voices be heard were never about victimizing the perpetrator but rather centering the pain of the everyday Person as well as the monstrous hurdles and challenges society put them through in order to just be allowed to tell their story. And those who weaponize the Me Too movement in service of their political agenda and cult figures are the lowest scum with no moral compass; and admitting that these scums exist is why you Believe Women as much as any man reporting a crime, and it is why you open an investigation that thrives to be conducted with unbiased professionalism, seeking facts rather than bloviating bigoted rhetoric.

Well done, Attorney General Letitia James. Well done!