Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (8/3)

Welcome to the Weekly Movie Thread, your place to discuss films with your fellow Avocado commenters. Have you seen something old? Something new? A DVD you borrowed? Something Blue… is the Warmest Color?

This week is the debut of James Gunn’s entry into the DC Universe, The Suicide Squad. I guess sticking in an article is DC’s new hotness? This is also Gunn’s return to the world of R-rated superheroes. In 2010, Gunn directed Super, a bloody deconstruction of the superhero genre starring Rainn Wilson and Elliot Page.

R-rated superhero films have been around since… oh, probably Darkman back in 1990. Several of them are apart from the Big Two comics publishers. Often there are callbacks to more iconic characters. Kick-Ass for instance.

But sometimes the R-rating is the only appropriate way to approach a superhero film. It’s hard to think of any other way to make a movie about Punisher, Deadpool, or Watchmen.

Today’s bonus prompt: what is the best R-rated superhero film?

Next week: 1971