American Dad! Season 18 Ep. 16 “Plot Heavy”

In which it’s Stan vs. the family in a dumb episode

The Smiths are going to enjoy a picnic at sunset at their real estate investment, their cemetery plot. However, they see another family has already taken their spot, forcing Stan to confess that he sold the plots in order to buy jet skis (once he moves some more money around). He tries to get them back but he’s only able get plots in the pedophile section. Everyone gets on Stan for screwing up again, so he decides to let everyone else come up with the decisions. And their first decision is to figure out how to make money to get good cemetery plots. They figure the best way to make money and get good plots is to open their own cemetery in their backyard.

The family, sans Stan, decide what their cemetery needs is a celebrity. They decide that Scottie Pippen is the right celebrity and convince him to take part in the business. They become successful but are soon overwhelmed with bodies..

Meanwhile, Stan begins to doubt himself because the family didn’t want him to solve the problem with cemetery plots. Looking for inspiration, Stan and Klaus try to come up with ideas for the backyard that don’t involve the family. They decide to open a poolside club and schedule a health inspection, which will become a problem with all the dead bodies around.

Once they become aware of the issues with the family’s business, everybody joins together to fool the health inspector, Weekend at Bernie’s style. After successfully pulling it off, Stan confesses that he started to doubt himself once the family became successful. The rest of the Smiths reassure Stan that they need him in order to blame him for terrible ideas. Stan takes charge again and with the help of Scottie Pippen, they get rid of the bodies at sea with the jet ski. Everybody hugs and we do it again next week.

Stray Obervations

  • No B story to speak of as everyone is involved with the main story.
  • This was originally scheduled for July 5 but was pulled, probably due to the Surfside condo collapse.
  • Stan references the World War I Christmas truce as an idea.
  • Scottie Pippen is an aspiring novelist, writing naval fiction in the vein of Tom Clancy or Clive Cussler

Thoughts: Mediocre. I didn’t think it was terrible but it was not very inspired.