Rick and Morty S5E7 – Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion

The Smith family comes together to make something bigger than themselves in this week’s episode. Rick has been collecting “Gotron ferrets”, giant robots left scattered all over the universe after the defeat of their pilots, and finally has all five, allowing the family to form Gotron together. But Rick being Rick, he decides to go farther, bringing in other Rick and their families to merge their Gotrons together into a 25-person “Gogotron”, and it just escalates from there as he forms a mafia-like organization with himself at the top, where loyalty is rewarded by your position in an ever-more-giant robot.

This episode was as good as I’d heard it was, crackling with great bits and unexpected new twists. And it was kind of nice to see the whole family having sincere fun together, something that almost never happens–even Jerry and Rick are on the same page about what a kick it is to climb into a giant robot and beat up rampaging bugs. But it can’t last, and Morty and Summer are soon competing for their place in the organization as Summer rises to the top of the “Five Families” and Morty finds himself pushed out – until they have to join forces when Rick ends up trusting the wrong outside help and almost gets himself offed by Gotron’s original pilots.

In other news – a couple of official Rick and Morty videos were released over the past week – here’s the full version of last week’s “Turnin’ Turkey” song:

I’m kind of lowkey obsessed with that one lady soldier. Like, she’s just an extra, but you go, badass lesbian experimental turkey warrior.

Fun fact: it wasn’t until watching this about a dozen times that I noticed that Coop has his identifying hair as a turkey even though he just got his head shaved. I guess it’s non-diegetic hair just so you can tell the characters apart.

Another fun fact: this was apparently sung by Jason Paige, the same person who sung the original English Pokemon theme song. Let’s learn about Mr. Paige on Wikipedia! Oh, he’s a big Ron Paul fan. Let’s not learn any more, this fact is getting less fun.

Also just released today, this new short from Takashi Sano:

I’m not sure I ever understood what was going on in this thing, but it looked neat, anyway.