30 Day TV Challenge Rerun: Epilogue

With the conclusion of our 30 Days of TV: Rerun Edition yesterday, we’re getting ready to move onto the next phase! We’ve had a lot of fun running these with the comic book challenge, Disney, films, anime, novels, and now this animation one. Next month’s challenge is already loaded with all thirty days and scheduled so it should go off without a hitch as we head into the realm of animals?! I’m really excited for this next one and hope that we’ll see a lot of you there.

We’ve been running this challenge since May 2020 as part of our way to distract ourselves during the pandemic and it continues on. This month is working with questions supplied by one of our site members as I personally needed a break from all the heavy thinking after doing 12 months of them! We’ve got a couple of months in the hopper ahead, but if you’re interested in coming up with the questions and having me do the hard work of setting it all up, we’re definitely interested as we get toward the end of the year.

How did you like this past month? Was there a particular day you liked? Or a challenge question you hated? Sound off!

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Thank you for your participation in past and future challenges and we’re always interested in your ideas as well!