On This Night (Thread) Of History (7/28)

Whenever I elect to do a daily thread here at The Avocado, I sometimes simply take a look at the selected day itself. Anything interesting happen on that day? Any birthdays of note? I actually looked up what happened on July 28 (on Wikipedia, so you KNOW it must be true) and…some events of merit/interest did happen today. Here are a few of them.

1540: Thomas Cromwell is executed at the order of Henry VIII of England on charges of treason. Henry marries his fifth wife, Catherine Howard, on the same day.

1866: At the age of 18, Vinnie Ream becomes the first and youngest female artist to receive a commission from the United States government for a statue (of Abraham Lincoln).

1868: The 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution is certified, establishing African American citizenship and guaranteeing due process of law.

1942: During World War II, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin issues Order No. 227. In response to alarming German advances, all those who retreat or otherwise leave their positions without orders to do so are to be tried in a military court, with punishment ranging from duty in a shtrafbat battalion, imprisonment in a Gulag, or execution.

1943: During World War II, Operation Gomorrah was conducted. The Royal Air Force bombs Hamburg, Germany causing a firestorm that kills 42,000 German civilians.

1965: As the Vietnam War continues on, U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson announces his order to increase the number of United States troops in South Vietnam from 75,000 to 125,000.

1984: The Games of the XXIII Olympiad were opened in Los Angeles.

2002: Nine coal miners trapped in the flooded Quecreek Mine in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, are rescued after 77 hours underground.

All interesting and/or important notes in history, right? Clearly none of those were as important as…

I can still see Regis! The giant napkin does nothing!

2000: Kathie Lee Gifford hosts her final show with co-host Regis Philbin for their morning talk show, “Live with Regis & Kathie Lee” after 15 years on the air.

I mean, right? Clearly that’s the most important thing that has ever happened on July 28. War crimes, multiple plane crashes, the Olympics….NOTHING ELSE matters compared to this.

July 28th is also the 209th day of this year, with 156 days remaining in 2021. With that, have a great night thread and hopefully a good rest of your night/early July 29th!