American Dad Season 18 Ep. 15 “Comb Over: A Hair Piece”

In which Stan gets some new hair

One of the great things about American Dad is its willingness to keep continuity or callbacks to earlier seasons. So when this episode brings up Stan’s baldness from way back in “Chimdale” you would think that it could be an interesting exploration of the prior episode. However, that was not the case.

Stan looks for a cure to his baldness, enlisting Roger’s help. He seeks a hair transplant and after dying a few times and needing to be saved by Tuttle, he finally gets a glorious real mane of hair. In order to get the best look, Stan goes to Josay Bosay (Roger) for a great haircut. However, after he sees his Rod Stewart cut, he trashes Josay, causing the place to go out of business.

Realizing he feels guilty (although he thought he just ate a whole hard-shell crab) Stan attempts to make Roger feel better by lying to him and telling him he’s a great hairstylist. Josay attempts to get his confidence back but keeps hitting dead ends. It’s then that he decides to give Rod Stewart a new haircut. When Rod refuses to get a new haircut, Roger, with a reluctant Stan, kidnaps him. After being cornered by the police, Stan gets honest with Roger and tells him he’s a lousy hairstylist but still a good friend. Rod allows his hair to be cut. This causes everybody to no longer recognize him and the police let Stan and Roger go.

Meanwhile, Francine, Hayley and Steve look to become Nightcrawler-esque paparazzi. They follow Roger and Stan but end up crashing before they can get any footage. And if you think I shortchanged this B-plot in description, I did not. It occupied two minutes of screen time at best.

Stray Observations

  • Tuttle is a kidney and hair match for Stan but Stan prefers to keep it anonymous.
  • Hayley can imitate Steve and Klaus

Thoughts: Did not care for this one. After the insanity of the hair transplant, it turned into another “Stan is a jerk to Roger” episode. Roger’s persona was grating and the addition of Rod Stewart was dumb.