The Werewolves of Monkey Island – Sign Ups

Ahoy, mateys! So, you want to be a pirate, do ye? Well, that’s easier said than done round these parts. Melee Island™ has fallen on hard times, what with the economy and all. Of course, maybe we’d have more of an economy if it weren’t for ALL THESE DANGED PIRATES.

*looks meaningfully at you*

Anyway. Where were we? Oh yes, ye wanted to be a pirate. What are ye in it for? Gold? Glory? Perhaps the hand of the lovely Governor Marley?  Eh, doesn’t really matter. It’s not like ‘Pirates’ is a particularly EXCLUSIVE club around here. Seems like every day we get another bunch of landlubbers come runnin’ about, wantin’ ta be pirates and askin’ about the legend of Monkey Island™.

Oh, don’t look at me like that. Of COURSE you’ve heard of Monkey Island™. It has a Secret, you know! One that promises untold riches and fame, if someone could just figure out where and what in Sam Hill it is. I s’pose yer gonna go runnin’ off like the rest of ‘em, aren’t ya? Well, watch yer scrawny backsides, I tells ya! The Ghost Pirate LeChuck and his Skeleton Crew are the scourge of the Caribbean, and they’ll stop at nothing to rule the seven seas! Of course, they’re already dead, so they don’t have a ton to lose. It’s a pretty good value proposition for them, really.

Why a ghost pirate cares about earthly things like power, treasure, and, er, more power I’ll never know, but different strokes for different undead abominations, as me pappy used to say. Wouldn’t be surprised if ol’ LeChuck and his gang tried to hitch a ride with YOU, disguisin’ themselves as fellow wannabe pirates. ‘Scuse me, did I say wannabe? I meant, uh… let’s say ‘rookie’ pirates.

But anyway, if ye can pass the Three Trials of the Pirate Council, find yer way to Monkey Island™, avoid gettin’ whacked by LeChuck and his crew or eaten by cannibals AND manage not to fall for the ol’ “three headed monkey” bit along the way, I’m sure you’ll do fine.

Er… yeah. You, uh… you’ll do alright. Probably. You’ll be fine. Not like that other feller passed through here not long ago. What was his name again? Mancomb Seepgood, I think. Wonder what ever happened to him?


The Werewolves of Monkey Island™ is a game of Werewolf based on the bestselling smash hit comedy pirate adventure game of 1990! Familiarity with the source material is not required, but we feel like ‘comedy pirate adventure’ gets the point across pretty well. Also, you should totally play the game. In case you didn’t have an earworm song currently burrowing in your head, here’s the intro:

Most game days will feature an event. Events will be explained on the day they’re posted. Will they reward you with awesome power-ups that enhance the Werewolf experience? Game-breaking abilities? Game-ruining abilities? Fine leather jackets? Or maybe just a ratty old T-shirt from the Pirate Council? Who knows?

We do, that’s who.

D1: The Three Trials (Thievery)
D2: The Three Trials (Swordfighting)
D3: The Three Trials (Treasure Hunting)
D4: The Journey
D5: Under Monkey Island


Wins the game when all Wolves and the SK have been sent to Davy Jones’ Credenza (the graveyard).

PERSONS OF LOW MORAL FIBER™ – Vanilla Town, but don’t call them pirates! Yet.

GUYBRUSH THREEPWOOD (1) – Town Lover. Desperately wants to be a pirate, and desperately in love with Governor Marley. Paired with ELAINE MARLEY, with whom they share a QT. If either Guybrush or Elaine is killed, the other one dies as well. Should Guybrush and Elaine both survive to Day 6, they lose their shared vulnerability, because TRUE LOVE IS MAGICAL.

GOVERNOR ELAINE MARLEY (1) – Town Lover. Strong, smart, fearless Governor of Melee Island, and for reasons she can’t quite explain is in love with Guybrush Threepwood. Paired with GUYBRUSH THREEPWOOD, with whom they share a QT. If either Elaine or Guybrush is killed, the other one dies as well. Should Elaine and Guybrush both survive to Day 6, they lose their shared vulnerability, because TRUE LOVE IS MAGICAL.

HERMAN TOOTHROT (1) – Town Fisherman. Having been cast away for years on Monkey Island™, Herman has developed a knack for fishing. As a Night Action, Herman may choose to fish for one item from the following list, with a percentage chance of success:

  • Spyglass – 25% (1-time use; can use on a player to determine whether Night Actions were performed on or by the player)
  • Musket – 20% (1-time use; Vigilante shot)
  • Bandages – 10% (1-time use; can use on another player to prevent them from being killed at night)
  • Rusty Helmet – 20% (1-time use; provides immunity from night kill to player using it)
  • Message In A Bottle – 15% (1-time use; allows player to ask question of the graveyard)

Once an item has been caught, it may not be caught again. Upon catching the item, Herman must choose to either keep it or send it to another player. The item will be available for use beginning the Night AFTER it was caught. Herman may EITHER Fish OR use any caught items as a Night Action.

VOODOO LADY (1) – Town Investigator. As a Night Action, the Voodoo Lady may submit the name of one player to use her mystical powers of foresight (and probably a disturbing amount of snakes) to reveal their alignment (“town” or “scum”).

STAN (1) – Town Jailer. Stan is the fast-talking owner of Stan’s Previously Owned Vessels, the only place on Melee Island™ to buy a ship. As a Night Action, Stan may submit the name of one player to corner and give a hard sell to, effectively both roleblocking that player and preventing any number of night kills targeting that player. May not target themselves, nor can they target the same player on consecutive nights.


Win the game when there is no SK and there are as many or more wolves remaining as there are town.

GHOST PIRATE LeCHUCK (1) – Wolf Roleblocker. The legendary Ghost Pirate LeChuck haunts the seas around Melee Island™. As a Night Action, LeChuck will submit the name of one player to cancel any Night Actions carried out by that player. Cannot block the same player on consecutive nights.

LeChuck will also designate the Vanilla Wolf that carries out the night kill and will not carry out night kills themself unless no Vanilla Wolves remain. While LeChuck can be killed, legends aren’t so easy to get rid of: if LeChuck is killed, a Vanilla Wolf chosen by RNG becomes The Legend of Ghost Pirate LeChuck (see below), and performs the same functions. This will continue until all wolves are eliminated.

If Ghost Pirate LeChuck (the real one, not the legend, we’re not monsters) survives to Night 6, he and any remaining Skeleton Crew receive permanent Night Kill/Vig Shot Immunity, starting Night 6.

THE LEGEND OF GHOST PIRATE LeCHUCK (?) – Wolf Roleblocker. Assigned and activated only if Ghost Pirate LeChuck is killed, or if the current Legend of Ghost Pirate LeChuck is killed (it’s super hard to get rid of Pirate legends). Chosen by RNG from remaining Skeleton Crew. Functions identically to Ghost Pirate LeChuck, despite not actually being LeChuck.

SKELETON CREW (3) – Vanilla Wolf/Backup Wolf Roleblocker. Undead pirates now trapped in service to their ghostly leader for eternity, or whenever they get killed (again). Each Night, one of the Skeleton Crew will be assigned by the Wolf Roleblocker to carry out the night kill. Should the current Wolf Roleblocker be killed, one of the remaining Skeleton Crew will be assigned as The Legend of Ghost Pirate LeChuck (see above) by RNG. This will continue until all wolves are eliminated.

Serial Killer

Wins the game if all other players have been sent to Davy Jones’ Credenza (the graveyard).

LEMONHEAD, THE INDIGENOUS VEGETARIAN CANNIBAL (1) – Serial Killer. Cholesterol issues have turned Lemonhead from a bloodthirsty cannibal to a juicethirsty vegetarian. Nonetheless, they’re determined to prevent anyone from discovering the Secret of Monkey Island ™. Each night as a Night Action the Serial Killer will submit the name of one person to be killed. At least they won’t be eaten!


No quoting or screencapping from QTs. Do not ask other players about their QTs in an attempt to figure out what role they have.

You cannot edit any of your posts. I mean, clearly you can, but you shouldn’t, because it’s a clear violation of the Pirate Council bylaws, and if you do that then you can just forget all about becoming a pirate, buddy.

Wolf and SK night kill actions are mandatory. Vig kills, if they become available, are optional.

A tie vote at Twilight results in RNG amongst the tied players.

Be nice: Attack arguments, not people.

Night Action Order of Operations: Blocking > jailing > investigation > Herman Stuff > ALL TEH KILLZ.

Remember that play styles differ, and this game is only as fun as people are kind, setting aside the fact that the goal is to kill the opposing players. Most importantly, have fun!


Players (Can accommodate up to 24):

  1. sic
  2. Nate
  3. April
  4. MacCrocodile
  5. Lamb Dance
  6. Goat
  7. Indy
  8. emm
  9. hoho
  10. Lindsay
  11. raven
  12. jake
  13. Side Character
  14. Louie
  15. Warrior
  16. Lovely Bones
  17. Flubba
  18. Andiddy
  19. Dicentra
  20. Spiny
  21. Donalbain


  1. Hayes
  2. Junkrat