The 7/26 Sun-Man and the Rulers of the Sun Day Thread

Did you know that while the original Masters of the Universe toyline was in stores, a company came out with a line of lookalike toys specifically created to be a more ethnically diverse and inclusive alternative?

I sure as hell did not before I saw this picture appear in my Twitter feed about a week or so ago:


I was absolutely intrigued because I had literally never heard of this before. From what I have been able to gather from the limited amount of information online (no Wikipedia page, even!), the genesis of this toyline came from a woman named Yla Eason, whose young son told her he didn’t think he could be a superhero like He-Man because He-Man is white. She went out to buy her son a Black action figure but was unable to find one.1 After conducting market research and seeing a lack of representation in the market, she started a company called Olmec Toys that created the Sun-Man figures and turned the line into a $5 million company.

Isn’t this an interesting story? I’d love to know more. Can’t we get a short Netflix documentary on this? Why, it’s an example about how capitalism and the American entrepreneurial spirit are supposed to work, even!

Anyhoo, I am trying to learn more about the history of these toys, but while I do so, you knuckleheads can shitpost here all you like.