Jeopardy! recap for Thur., Jul. 22

Today’s contestants are:

  • Pete, a math teacher, hosts a trivia game for the faculty;
  • Rekha, a stay-at-home parent, was an extra in “Weird Science”; and
  • Matt, a Ph.D. student, didn’t get his founding father musical idea off the ground. Matt is a one-day champ with winnings of $40,400.

Matt scored on both DDs in DJ, and continued to increase his advantage in an impressive performance, entering FJ at $31,000 vs. $9,600 for Rekha. Pete ended in the red at -$400.

DD1 – $600 – HOWARD’S END – Some cried fowl when this Marvel comic book hero flew away in 1979, but he would return (Rekha lost $2,000 from her score of $5,000 vs. $7,400 for Matt.)

DD2 – $1,200 – MARK YOUR CALENDAR – Many of the days of the week bear the name of Germanic gods, but this one is from the name of a Roman deity (Matt won $4,000 from his total of $18,600 vs. $8,000 for Rekha.)

DD3 – $2,000 – ANCIENT HISTORY – This queen of Egypt, Akhenaton’s wife, was a symbol of fertility, bolstered by the 6 daughters she bore (Matt won $2,000 from his score of $24,600 vs. $11,600 for Rekha.)

FJ – 70s MOVIE SCENES – Writer Dan O’Bannon based a scene in this film on his own Crohn’s disease, which felt like things inside him fighting to get out

Only Matt was correct on FJ, adding $10,000 to win with $41,000 for a big two-day total of $81,400.

Wagering strategy: On DD3, this was a case where a modest wager by the leader was clearly the right move. Matt had every reason to believe that he could outfinish his opponents on the remaining clues and secure a runaway, so there was no reason to take a major risk on an unseen clue.

Cluereader corner: Robin informed us that today would have been Alex’s 81st birthday, which explains why on “Classic Concentration”, he would often refer to 22 as his “lucky number”.

Correct Qs: DD1 – Who is Howard the Duck? DD2 – What is Saturday? DD3 – Who was Nefertiti? FJ – What is “Alien”?