American Dad Season 18 Episode 14 “Flush After Reading”

In which Francine has a secret…

When Francine rushes out to the library after dinner, Stan worries she might be a nerd. Roger, after finding out from Rogu that Francine does not poop at the house, realizes what she’s actually doing. Beating Stan to the library Roger, as Sherlock Groans, finds Francine in the women’s room doing her business. Francine confesses that she doesn’t go in the house because of an incident on an airplane.

As Stan is about to confront her, and with Francine desperate to hide her secret, she and Roger hop into the reading material that was left in the bathroom. At first they find themselves in Pride and Prejudice, where after pretending to be Italian, manage to rewrite the novel to be more about feces. Next, they hop in to Sherlock Holmes, where Watson shoots Holmes instead of Groans. Things are cut short when they discover the place is on fire.

That’s because as Stan reveals to the librarian, Joline, that he’s disgusted by books because of a failed book signing for his memoir. Joline, a recovering pyromaniac, convinces Stan to burn all the books in the library. Francine and Roger continue to hop through the books, first in Alice in Wonderland and then to Stan’s memoir. Francine and Roger eventually wind up in the part of the memoir that talks about the plane incident. They figure out to save themselves they have to stop the book from being published which involves rewriting the book to include bomb making instructions. Once that’s done, Francine (and I guess Roger but we don’t see him) fall out of the sky right where Stan is burning the books.

Francine takes Stan to the Taco King where she confesses it was her that caused the Omaha incident. Stan says that he was actually mad because he couldn’t meet the person that caused such a hilarious incident. The two bond over the incident and promise to not keep secrets.

Stray Observations

  • No real B Plot to speak of although there is a bit of a background runner with Klaus dealing with his depression. “You didn’t explicitly mention you weren’t a fish and you don’t see me crying about it” *starts crying*
  • Roger’s inflammability pops up again.
  • Stan definitely drank pee, not warm beer.
  • Omaha, you’ve been Dadded!

Thoughts: Really good episode. Fun and Funny and great use of a Roger persona.