The Night Thread Hunts Brachydios

Its been quite a while but we’re back to another Monster Hunter night thread this time focused on fan favorite Brachydios.

Brachydios are distinctive Brute Wyverns that are easily identified due to their distinctive obsidian body and bright green slime coating their arms and horn. This green slime is actually a highly explosive substance that Brachydios can “prime” with its own saliva. It is often seen running its slime covered “fists” through its mouth to activate this explosive power before charging at its prey or enemy to deliver an explosive blow. Additionally, it can slam its fists or horn into the ground, depositing a puddle of the slime which will undergo a chemical reaction and explode after a short time. By doing this during a fight it can essentially turn any encounter into a dangerous minefield while still aggressively pursuing its prey, another monster, or a hunter.

Brachydios are quite dangerous and can inflict the blastblight status on hunters which will cause them to suffer from an explosion if they do not rid themselves of it by rolling. Brachydios can be found in various habitats but appear to favor warmer environments even up to volcanic conditions, though this is not always the case. Brachydios should never be underestimated as they are faster than expected and leap large distances to close the gap between themselves and their target. When coupled with their explosive power, mace like tail, and aggression, hunters should be wary of this powerful monster.