The Day Thread Celebrates Ella Jenkins

Ella Jenkins (b. 1924) is a folk singer known primarily for her 50 year body of work in children’s music. Jenkins has released 39 albums of songs incorporating folk music, protest songs, spoken word poetry, African American songs, nursery rhymes, and more. She is particularly known for encouraging call-and-response in her performances, including recordings, which leads to wonderfully natural moments on her albums that incorporate the participation of children. Below is one of my favorite Ella Jenkins songs, but I have so many more.

I was going to save this post for Ella’s birthday on the August 6 day thread, but when the subject of your thread is about to turn 97 years old I don’t think there’s any sense in waiting. I hope you take a moment to explore Ella Jenkins’s music and if you want any recommendations just ask.

Have a lovely day!