Triviacados: Sunday, July 18, 2021

Can the first person here each day create a Results thread so it’s always first when sorted by Oldest?

Quiz Notes:

Sports: Only the team name (e.g. Dolphins, Cardinals) is needed, although city/state will display with the correct answer.

History: The House of Stuart reigned in England from 1603-1714, with several monarchs recognised with different regnal numbers in Scotland (eg. James VIII of England and James III of Scotland); where regnal numbers are required, both will be accepted but only the English number will display in the correct answer. 

Holiday: Only the species/kind of bird (e.g. pheasant, turkey) is needed, not their number in the rhyme or associated actions (e.g. swimming)

Religion: The Seven Christian/Heavenly Virtues combine the four classical Cardinal Virtues with the three Theological Virtues 

Television: Name the lead four actresses in The Golden Girls, along with the four characters they play. For actresses, surname only is accepted; for characters, first name only is accepted.

Or visit the quiz here.

Sunday: Miscellaneous
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Tuesday: Geography
Wednesday: Music
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If you’d like to create the Sunday quiz (or use a quiz you’ve already created), just let forget_it_jake know on the Triviacados thread.