American Dad Season 18 Episode 13 “Stan & Francine & Stan & Francine & Radika”

In which Stan and Francine travel back in time…

As established in prior episodes, Stan and Francine’s marriage is only ever as stable as their next argument. While out to dinner at Jeff and Hayley’s place (Jeff’s van), Stan and Francine argue who decided that placemats were a good idea. When they can’t settle the argument, Stan decides to travel back in time to see who was right. After surprising their old heretofore unmentioned roommate Radika, Stan and Francine are discovered by their past selves. They split up with young Stan taking Francine out for pizza where he apologizes in advance for all the crappy things he will do. Meanwhile, young Francine makes out with Stan.

When Francine and young Stan enter and see Stan and young Francine kissing, Francine decides to leave her Stan in the past and travel to the future with young Stan. Stuck in the past, Stan eventually ends up marrying Radika (and bets his life savings on the Bengals every year). He splits up with her and then wanders aimlessly for 20 years until he shows up at his doorstep on the day he originally left, older and fatter. He professes his love for Francine and apologizes for his screwups before being accidentally killed by young Stan. But Francine and young Stan travel to the moment before original Stan and Francine leave for the CIA, thus saving their timeline.

Meanwhile, in a barely there B Plot, Klaus is having a dinner party. When he discovers no one is coming, he asks Steve for help. Steve seeks out Roger, who realizes that he won’t need a persona to attend the party. This causes him to have an identity crisis because he wants to know “who is Roger?” He attempts to be just “Roger” wearing just pants and a plain white tank top. This is on its way to working until everyone decides to show up at the last minute. And then everyone meets Roger’s new persona, except at the cost of Roger’s real identity.

Stray observations

  • The date they travel back to apparently is February 8, 2001, when that episode of Friends first aired (I didn’t know this off hand, I looked it up)
  • Stan wants to kill Bin Laden but I guess it’s just for all the other stuff that happened before 9/11
  • Apparently the CIA fixed time travel so you won’t turn in to goo if you stay too long but the trade off is that the device fits inside a rodent’s butt.
  • “Don’t worry about Klaus. Klaus is nobody”

Thoughts: This was alright nothing special. Stan and Francine’s prior time travel adventure was more fun. And I’m not a fan of how the B plot handled Roger’s personas. It never felt like Roger ever had a problem with being Roger. If their going to explore something like the question of who is Roger then it either needs to be an A Plot or something explored across more episodes. For now, a tossed off B Plot doesn’t do the work it needs to do.