The Friday Politics Thread Sues Disqus

The Friday Politics Thread has filed a lawsuit against Disqus for suppressing all its upvotes. This nonsense has got to stop. And if the radical left agenda of Disqus, hand in hand with the Government and Big Hog Poggle, won’t give the Friday PT back its upvotes there is going to be heck to pay. If this can happen to the Friday Politics Thread, it can happen to the Monday Politics Thread. Or even the Thursday Politics Thread. Or even you! Don’t you see? The Friday PT is doing it for you! So send us some money. We’ll protect your rights!

RoRo started dance class this week. She’ll be breakdancing by the end of the summer. I’ve got a cardboard box for her and everything. Or I may start training her to do Showtime on the 2/3 train.

As usual, keep calm, keep cool, don’t post Ben Garrison (especially after yesterday).

And hey, let’s be careful out there.