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Job Rants Thread – 7/9/2021 – And We’re Back?

Hey, all; Healthy Friday –

How’s everyone doing, this fine Friday? Welcome once again to the Job Rants Thread, Classic Edition. Yup, that’s right, as our regular customers (all twelve of you) can tell you, I, like so many others, am no longer working from home. I’m back in the workaday world, doing…Well…Doing exactly the same thing I’ve been doing for the last 16 months, actually. We still haven’t been cleared to conduct any meetings in-person as of yet, so we’re still doing everything over the phones. But like, at least I’m doing it my desk, in my office, and surrounded by my co-workers!

Well, actually, not all of my co-workers are back, yet. We’re staggering things for both safety’s sake, and to make sure we can get our systems going with at least a skeleton crew. And, given that we’re mostly on-phones throughout the day, the few of us that are back are mostly shut up in our offices for most of the day; even eating lunch. But, speaking of meals, at least I can enjoy some of the local cafes and restaurants in the neighborhood that I couldn’t working from home, right?

Well, actually, given that most of our go-to spots were small, and locally-owned, it’s not surprising that most of them didn’t whether the loss of revenue from the pandemic, well; and had to close. Especially some of the more family-owned ones that depended on a steady stream of drones like us to keep them in business.. But at least, we have a set schedule of when we’re going to get things back to true normal in our office, ri—okay, look, I can’t do the bit, anymore. That part about the restaurants was both 100% true, and hit too close to home when it came to thinking about some of my family; not to mention, one of those closed spots had truly excellent fried chicken.

The truth is that, despite the veneer of normalcy so many businesses and officials are trying so hard to create, the fact is that, just because so many are going back, it doesn’t mean that they’re doing so to exactly the same situation they left. While we all know that so much has changed over the past year with how society functions, one still sees signs of it every day that weren’t there before; especially if, like myself, you were mostly cooped-up in your own neighborhood for most of it. We’ve still got quite a ways to go before we get somewhere even beginning to approach “normal;” and that means that we still need to look out for, not only our own well-being,, but for those around us, as well. While we’ve weathered the worst of it, (one hopes) some have weathered it better or worse than others. Let’s remember to lend an ear, sometime, no?

As ever, have a safe, and productive rest of the day, safe trip home, if out, and a great weekend. And remember: At least you still have the–no, wait, that’s broken now, too.