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Haiti Mon Amour – The Wednesday Politics Thread

I was planning on doing a funny thread but then news broke that the President of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, has been assassinated, just days after Rights activist Antoinette Duclaire was also murdered.

I don’t feel it’s right to speak lightheartedly when the very beating heart of the first ever successful revolt of enslaved people and the first ever sovereign nation to abolish slavery keeps getting knocked down every time they manage to stand up and fight back against a world intent on punishing them for daring to break their chains.

Whether a Head of State was liked or disliked, their blunt murder while in office always throws a country into even deeper upheaval where the weakest, the poorest, and the most discriminated against are the first to die on the front lines. Keep Haiti in your good thoughts and prayers, and please, please, steer clear from ugly propaganda with the sole purpose of centering White Male Grievances and elevating White Supremacy. Now is not the time for self-serving entitled heartless and ignorant bullshit. Show RESPECT.