Jeopardy! recap for Mon., Jul. 5

Here are today’s contestants:

  • Rebecca, an ESL paraeducator, dances in nursing homes;
  • Mark, a corporate & career strategist, was an Air Force radio DJ; and
  • Courtney, a community college instructor, wants to visit Prince Edward Island. Courtney is a five-day champ with winnings of $79,258.

The lead going into FJ was up for grabs on the last clue of DJ, and Courtney came away with it, entering FJ with $9,600 vs. $8,800 for Rebecca. Mark missed both DDs in DJ and trailed at $7,200.

DD1 – $400 – 4-LETTER WORDS – This monarchical title was relinquished for good in 1917 (Courtney won $2,000 on a true DD.)

DD2 (video) – $1,600 – DRUNK HISTORY – (Shown is an old-timey photo of a bunch of happy people crowded around a bar victoriously holding drinks) Year in which the photo here was taken (Mark lost $3,400 of his score of $7,400 vs. $5,200 for both opponents.)

DD3 – $2,000 – PUT IN OSCILLATION – In 1851 this 2-word object bearing the name of its inventor started having a ball (weighing 62 pounds) swinging in Paris’ Panthéon (Mark lost $2,800 from his total of $6,800 vs. $7,600 for Rebecca.)

FJ – WORLD GEOGRAPHY – On either side of Indochina are these 2 gulfs that start with the same letter

Courtney and Mark were correct on FJ, with Courtney adding $8,100 to win with $17,700 for a six-day total of $96,958.

Triple Stumper of the day: The players missed a Pavlov, as a clue mentioned Henry Fielding, which by itself means the novel was almost certainly “Tom Jones”.

Cluereader corner: We learned that Dr. Gupta can do the “sprinkler”, an opportunity on which dancer Rebecca took a pass.

Correct Qs: DD1 – What is czar? DD2 – What is 1933? DD3 – What is the Foucault pendulum? FJ – What are Tonkin and Thailand?