The Dastardly Doc Ock Day Thread (June 30th)

The movie Spider-Man 2 was released on this date in 2004. I got to see it during a free screening with a friend of mine at the AMC Waterfront in Pittsburgh.

Alfred Molina plays Dr. Otto Octavius, who is transformed into the tragic super-villain Doctor Octopus aka Doc Ock. The good doctor teams up with Harry Osborn to try to destroy Peter Parker aka Spider-Man for his role in the death of Norman Osborn.

Many people I talk to say that this entry in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Trilogy is their absolute favorite. Tell us what you like about this sequel in the comments section below.

Doctor Octopus ranks in my Top Five Spider-Man Villains. Does he rank anywhere in your Top 5?

Something to Discuss – Tell us your favorite moment featuring Doc Ock in comics and media. For me, it would be his time as the Superior Spider-Man.

Have a great Wednesday and stay cool out here!