30 Day Film Challenge Reboot Day 30: A Year Without Film

As we hit our last day of the challenge, a huge round of applause for Simon Milligan for stepping in to write this past month’s articles and for everyone that engaged with them and each other. I hope we all found some new movies to try out, camaraderie around films we enjoy, and more.

For our last day of the month, we can do two different things. If you want to talk about one of the previous days, bring it up here and let’s relitigate it!

The second is the one I really want to see commentary one. While we did have new films this past year when theaters were closed thanks to streaming and some limited releases that way, it really was a year without movies for many people in what they enjoy, both the theatrical experience physically and the big films that have largely been held back.

So let’s talk about what that experience is like and how you’re approaching going back to the theater!