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Tuesday’s Politics thread is here, get your fresh, hot takes!

Yeeegads folks. I’m back from rural Georgia, land of “Covid didn’t really happen” here. Met an actual person who refused to get vaccinated, said it was between her and the Lord. Which…I can’t help but think of the old joke where a guy refuses rescue during a flood from a rubber raft, a canoe, and a helicopter because God will save him. When he dies and gets to heaven he asks why God didn’t save him and he replied “Well, I sent a raft, a canoe, and a helicopter, what else should I have done?”

More news on the Jan. 6th select committee:

Here’s some good news!

I know we’ve all seen The Idiot’s lawyer whining to Politico about how Trump Org charges won’t mean that The Idiot is indicted, but here’s some info on why it’ll actually hurt worse than that would have:

Ok, there’s my three tidbits! Expose us to other tidbits below. Nothing NIGHT THREAD worthy though, please. 😬 I’ve got two words for you: BEEE. HAAAAYVE. Oh, and pick your socks up off the floor, your pet/child is going to hide them somewhere. Maybe under the couch.