The K-Tel Full Tilt Night Thread

I think the first compilation album which I ever owned was on K-Tel Records, which was to the late Seventies and Eighties what the Now That’s What I Call Music sets are now. There’s a lot more info about K-Tel Records on Wikipedia for the curious, but basically they’d get the licensing rights to the chart hits for a particular time period spanning 3-4 months or so and then put out the album. A great way to hear a lot of hits in the days before YouTube and Spotify (even before MTV).

Full Tilt came out in April or May of 1981. I didn’t get it until June or so. But I knew I wanted it when I saw the ad on TV because it had one song I really, really loved and wanted. I’ll post the track listing and let you guess which one.

Side One: Blondie: The Tide Is High

Pete Townshend: Let My Love Open The Door

Devo: Whip It

Robbie Dupree: Hot Rod Hearts

The S.O.S. Band: Take Your Time (Do It Right) (Part I)

Jimmy Hall: I’m Happy That Love Has Found You

Larsen-Feiten Band: Who’ll Be The Fool Tonight

Side Two: The Pointer Sisters: He’s So Shy

Ambrosia: You’re The Only Woman

The Manhattans: Shining Star

Al Stewart: Midnight Rocks

Genesis: Misunderstanding

Cheap Trick: Ain’t That A Shame

Pat Benetar: Hit Me With Your Best Shot

It was all over the map musically, just like radio was back then. I still remember a lot of these songs, particularly Hot Rod Hearts, which I admit I still like. Others, like I’m Happy That Love Has Found You, are drawing a complete blank. I didn’t recall Shining Star, but once I started playing it, I knew it. Beautiful tune. You’re The Only Woman is nice, too.

I can’t remember if I owned any other K-Tel albums, but I sure did love this one. Think I’ll make a Full Tilt playlist on Spotify, just to go back to those days. And for those still wondering:


It was Let My Love Open The Door, of course.