American Dad Season 18 Ep. 11 “Hot Scoomp”

In which Hayley wants some guidance from anybody

Hayley takes a journalism class, hoping to make it a career. However, her hopes are dashed when she learns journalism is dead. With no support coming from Francine (or Stan who is largely absent), she and Jeff get high, and then wander off, where Hayley sees a potential “scoomp” in the form of women’s butts. She follows them to a gym run by the incredibly attractive and charismatic Holly Graham or “H.G.” and is convinced to join. She gains some self confidence (and also some guns).

Francine immediately recognizes it as a cult but decides to let Hayley sink or swim on her own, calling it “benevolent neglect.” However, when Hayley doesn’t get out of the cult herself Francine decides to intervene (with Roger’s involvement). Francine and Roger eventually betray Haley. After HG moves everyone down to South America and a few more back and forth betrayals (and coveted crop tops) later, Francine and Hayley are locked away. There they realize that each of their personality styles boil down to either having a mother who was completely overbearing or largely neglectful (benevolent or otherwise).

The two make up and then attempt to overthrow HG. After accidentally shooting HG they discover bullets pass through her. This leads some to believe she’s a god but it’s revealed that Holly Graham is actually a hologram (get it) operated by a disgusting guy in the back of the studio. He then gets the crapped kicked out of him by the women.

Stray Observations

  • Roger’s voice seemed to be pitched higher than normal. I don’t know if it was intentional or the recording or maybe it was just me.
  • Francine has a scrap book about all her cult involvement
  • No B Plot and very little involvement from Stan (who we should at least hear from on Francine’s parenting method), Steve, Klaus or Jeff (after he was eaten by the car wash)

Thoughts: This one was not great. A few laughs here and there but largely flat. Haley has been directionless before with better results and Francine has done the weird parenting thing better (Crotchwalkers). Plus the whole reveal was gross and rote (Futurama among others did it better).