Werewolf 156: Farmers Market – Day 1

Sorry I’m late, everyone, sorry! There was a delay in the permits at City Hall. Despite this market being a staple of the community for nearly a century, bureaucracy gonna bureaucracy, isn’t it.

Anyway, I have everyone’s booth assignments here, but it looks like some of you have already started setting up. That’s fine. (Note to self, get better locks for the equipment). Go ahead get your stuff set up and we’re open for business.

Oh, before you all go, there’s one last piece of important business. I’ve heard rumors that Wolfily Wiggly is eyeing this lot for another one of their soulless chain stores. I will do everything in my power to make sure that doesn’t happen. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of power here, so if you lot happen to spot any Wolfy types around here, just… you know, “take care” of them. For legal purposes, I must clarify that I do not condone violence.


Town-Aligned – Town wins when all threats are eliminated

  • 1 Night Security Guard (Jailer) – Each night phase, the security guard locks up the stall of one other player. They are protected from any night action, and cannot perform any night action while their things are locked up overnight.
  • 1 Organic Certification Specialist (Investigator) – Each night phase, the investigator selects one other player to investigate. They will receive a result of either Wolf or Not Wolf. The Serial Killer role will thus read as Not Wolf.
  • 11 Ordinary Vendors (Vanilla Town) – No additional powers. You’re just trying to sell some homegrown produce, man. Why does this always have to turn violent.


  • 4 Wolfily Wiggly Location Scouts (Wolves) – The Wolves share a private chat, which they use to talk amongst themselves and scheme against town, day or night. Each night, wolves will select one player to “kill” (i.e. burn down their stall or something). As long as there is one unimpeded wolf, they may carry out this night action. Wolves win when all other players are dead, or when the numbers make this inevitable.
  • 1 Prankster (Serial Killer) – Each night, the Prankster will target a stall with a prank that is really just ruining their stuff, but man, you should see the looks on their faces when all their tomatoes are smashed and they can’t sell anything. The Prankster wins when all other players are eliminated.

Oh right, and everyone is also a Fruit Vendor. Each night, you may target one other player to give a fruit, vegetable, or whatever. This has no material effect on the game. Or at least not until you maniacs find a way to break the entire game with this.

The Game
  • Each player will have a private chat with me set up on QuickTopic. This will tell you your role, as well as provide you a space to ask me any questions, and communicate your night actions to me.
  • The game consists of Day and Night phases. During the Day, there will be a post here at the Avocado in which you may speak freely amongst yourselves. Together, you will vote on a player to remove from the game (expel them from the market, or “day kill” for short).
  • The Day phase will end either at the pre-designated Twilight time, or when more than 50% of remaining players have voted for the same person. Whichever event triggers twilight, all game-related conversation should stop immediately.
  • The Night phase begins immediately after I have posted the results of the Day’s vote. During this time, those with night actions (wolves, SK, jailer, investigator) will submit these actions to me in a private chat.
  • The next Day Phase will begin when all night actions have been resolved. I will tag you all to alert you when a new day has begun.
Important Rules
  • No Editing or Deleting Comments for Any Reason – This includes typos, double posts, posting something you meant for the Open Thread, anything. Choose your words carefully, and consider your spelling, punctuation, and html tags before you hit Post Comment
  • Do not quote anything said in the private chats directly in the day threads. You may paraphrase, but copying and pasting a role description, for example, is not allowed.
  • As mentioned above, all game-related conversation must stop when twilight happens.
  • For the sake of my own sanity, please only post votes in the official Vote Thread. Votes not posted in the Vote Thread will not be counted, and please keep additional commentary, gifs, etc. out of the Vote Thread itself.
  • More than anything, please remember this is a game, and we’re all friends here. Have fun, and be kind to each other.


  1. Cop on the Edge-ish
  2. Brie N Croot
  3. Tiff
  4. Marlowe
  5. Nate the Lesser
  6. Sister Jude
  7. Mrs. Queequeg
  8. Grumproro
  9. Louie
  10. Narrowstrife
  11. Snoopy’s Golden Twinkie
  12. Nuka
  13. Copywight
  14. Affogato
  15. Dicentra
  16. King Smokey
  17. Kaddish
  18. SheleetaHam


  1. Goat
  2. Ult_Warrior
  3. Hoho
  4. April
  5. Lindsay

Twilight will be on Tuesday, June 29 at noon Pacific