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The Wednesday Politics Thread Is Undeterred

When Russian President Vladimir Putin met with President Joe Biden last week, he said something very bizarre in reply to a reporter:

It wasn’t simply a Russian tilt that favored pessimism, it was very much his brand of dictatorship that heavily leaned on fatalism in order to further feed the monster who gleefully crushes every bit of hope his own People might have. Just like many dictators before him who rose into power under the guise of populism, he too stoked fears, hatred, and bigotry while constantly exaggerating, or outright lying about specific circumstances, and positioning himself as the sole grand savior, pushing the belief that only he, and he alone, can help his People get out of the misery and despair ruling their lives.

And he said those words with purpose, for a dictator’s objective is to maintain that dreadful feeling of constant despair, because when you’re hope-less, you’re also fight-less.

In the days following Putin’s visit, we too got to witness the two faces of America, Hope and Despair, interpret significant change becoming law. There was the anti-Black face who sought at every turn to deride, diminish, demean and ridicule any win that gives you hope, while the other, the face of True Equality and Hope celebrated a victory after decades of battle for recognition, promising to use this new win as a stepping stone to fight harder, to win bigger, and to never ever give up.

The danger of witnessing Privilege’s attempts to destroy your every win – while gleefully appropriating your biggest gains and patting itself on the back for the decades-long battles you fought while it comfortably and safely remained on the sidelines – is that this ugliness sometimes overwhelms you, pushes you into deep pessimism, and leads you on a slippery slope of feeling hatred for that ugly, despicable, racist, entitled anti-Black face. And just when you’re about to give up, you notice the other face, the shining one full of Hope, and see the joy of the People who fought long and hard celebrating this great moment in their particular history; these true warriors reveling in their hard-earned win, already planning how to step on that stone and make next year an even more memorable learning experience, fighting against all that bigotry and ugliness attempting to erase their own contributions to this country, forging stronger weapons to gain yet even bigger, more meaningful victories.

And the deep beauty of that invincible, indomitable spirit reminds you that even a small handful of hope is a lot better than immeasurable despair.

Have a great Wednesday, Politicadoes!