30 Day Film Challenge Reboot Day 22: Notable Quotables

This piece was written by Sir Simon Milligan

Once a film reaches a certain level of popularity, it’s not uncommon to hear certain quotes get thrown around in everyday conversation. Creating something so memorable is a great testament to the writers and to the actor or actress’ delivery. Of course, there’s always the chance that a movie can get over-quoted, so at the risk of some massive eye-rolling, my choice for this prompt is the one and only Anchorman.

For me, comedies are the type of film that I enjoy exponentially more when watched with other people. I have great memories of getting together with friends and watching Anchorman on a near-weekly basis, with is probably more times than is medically advisable. I still get a lot of mileage out of ” that escalated quickly”, “I love lamp”, “sixty percent of the time it works every time”, “it’s science”, “milk was a bad choice”, “you stay classy”, and others that I probably shouldn’t repeat here if I don’t want to get instantly banned. Hopefully, I haven’t lost too much of your respect.

Prompt: What’s your more quotable film? Or, your favorite film quote?