30 Day Film Challenge Reboot Day 19: Favorite Speech

This piece was written by Sir Simon Milligan

Speeches. Monologues. Soliloquies. Whatever term you use, there are iconic examples throughout film. They can make us cry or they can make us laugh. They can terrorize or they can inspire. One thing they usually have in common is their ability to spotlight an actor’s talent combined with excellent writing.

One of my favorite examples is Al Pacino’s locker room speech from Any Given Sunday. In this scene, Pacino’s character – coach Tony D’Amato – shares his own personal failures to draw parallels between football and life, as a way to motivate his players to keep fighting through tough times; to get out there and give 110%. Yes, it can be seen as a bit over the top, but that’s kind of the point. It’s a great scene to throw on whenever you’re feeling down or just need a kick in the pants. I just watched this clip again and if you’ll excuse me I’m ready to go run through a brick wall.

Prompt: What’s your favorite film speech?