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30 Day Film Challenge Reboot Day 18: Timing is Everything

“There’s no magic number for the perfect film duration. Without getting all philosophical about the human perception of time, I’m guessing we can all relate to a film that feels like it ends just when things are getting interesting or another that drags on interminably. One example that falls into the former category for me is 2004’s Primer. Coincidentally, this is a film about time travel, following a pair of time machine inventors as they grapple with its serious consequences. Part of what I like about this film is that it’s very challenging, portraying time travel in a complex way and also using a lot of hard (if not theoretical) science and technical jargon. But the film clocks in at only 77 minutes, meaning I always leave wanting more.

Prompt: Which film do you wish was longer or shorter, and what would you change about it?”