The Night Thread Pigs Out (6/17/21)

Today in Pig Facts!

Did you know that if a pig breed’s name ends in -shire, it means it has erect ears (as an adult)? It’s true!

So you’ve got breeds like

the Hampshire,

the Berkshire,

and the classic Yorkshire.

Ah, classic Yorkshire.

All* other breeds have floppy ears as adults. For instance, there’s the delightfully-named

Gloucestershire Old Spots,

the American Landrace, and

the Duroc.

*I’m not actually sure this is true for crosses and non-US/UK breeds.

Anyway, there are over a hundred recorded breeds of domestic pigs, but I can’t find one to account for Waddles’ unique characteristics.

He’s one of a kind.

Have a great night, Avocados!