WW 155: Werewolf Con – Day 2

Goat stepped up to the doors of the convention center, looking through the schedule in his hands. “Well, I’m a day late for Wolf Con – But I’m sure I haven’t missed that much. It says right here they’re going to have a ball pit open today. I can’t wait to check that out!”

But just as he was about to step through those Con doors – an arrow came flying, and pierced his skull.

Goat (formerly Liz156) is dead. He was Vanilla Town.

Con Security soon gathered around the corpse.

“It’s just as we feared, someone is using Wolf Con as their personal hunting ground, and they’ve taken their first victim.”

“We need to find the culprit, as fast as possible. Do we have any leads?”

“Hmm… we do have a con photographer. We can check if there’s any clues in his pictures.”

Another Con Staffer came running by. “Come quick – there’s a huge problem at the Ball Pit!”

The staff and security ran over to the party room, where a small blue pit half filled with balls sat at the center.

“Oh man, you’re right, that does look really disappointing” Security said.

“No! I mean, yes it does, but that’s not as big a problem as what’s inside” the staffer said.

Security looked inside – and found the Great Red Siberian, shaved completely clean, trying to hide his shame in the Ball Pit. A smashed camera was besides him.

Side Character / Great Red Siberian has been shaved. He was the PHOTOGRAPHER (Town Investigator)


12 Werewolves (Town Players)


4 Cosplayers (Scum Players)

1 Werewolf Hunter (Serial Killer)


  1. Coach Mustard / Bigby Wolf
  2. Sister Jude / Gmork
  3. Liz 156 / Goat (Vanilla Town)
  4. Nate the Lesser / Anton from New Zealand
  5. Lindsay / Brad from Big Brad Wolf Real Estate
  6. Thoughts / Stile Stilinski
  7. Emmelemm
  8. Josephus /  Billions
  9. Malthusc / Kool-Aid Man
  10. April / Ordinary Fan, not the Star of the New Werewolf Movie (Vanilla Town)
  11. Mr. Plow / Bad Wolf
  12. Side Character / Great Red Siberian (Photographer – Town Investigator)
  13. Narrowstrife / Worf, son of Mogh
  14. Jake / Lup
  15. InnDeeed / Weird Al
  16. Mrs Queequeg / Whywolf 
  17. Louie / Kaupe
  18. Warrior /  Virgil Wrestling Superstar
  19. Wasp / Wolfram Beta (Streamer)
  20. Spooky / Gregg


  1. Mac
  2. Marlowe
  3. Goat
  4. Hoho


  1. All typical werewolf rules apply. A Day phase where you vote for who to kill (attempting to catch scum suspects), a night phase where rolled players use their powers.
  2. Do not quote. from any of your QT’s.
  3. Do not edit comments
  4. Participation: Try to make at least three posts per Game-Day
  5. Roleplaying not required but certainly encouraged.
  6. Ties result in RNG among tied players

Vanilla Town Message

Welcome to Werewolf Con! You’ll see on your Con Pass that you have VANILLA TOWN convention access. This means you’re just another werewolf trying to enjoy the Con experience.

Your only ability is your power to cast a vote every day. But I hope you’re able to make the most of your time at Werewolf Con – attend panels, buy merch, and make wolf friends!


Twilight will be on Wednesday, June 16 at 9PM EST.