Comic Book Review – Broke Down and 4 Dead Bodies #1

Broke Down and 4 Dead Bodies #1

Writer – Travis Gibb

Artist – Felix Novara

The very first comic book Kickstarter project I backed arrived in the mail and I looked at the comics and goodies that came with it. After a hellish Monday at work, I took some time to unwind and I read the first issue of Broke Down and 4 Dead Bodies by Travis Gibb and Felix Novara to help clear my mind.

A man named Denver has been rising through the ranks of Mr. Washington’s syndicate. Denver’s success doesn’t go unnoticed and Mr. Washington offers his protégé a promotion after one final drop. Randy Noble is finishing up a three-year stint in prison. On the day of his release, Randy is picked up by a fellow associate, Miguel, and Mr. Washington, who has a business proposition for the newly free man.  However, one simple exchange spirals into chaos and bloodshed. Denver and Randy must dispose of four dead bodies before anyone crosses their path and find a way to explain to Mr. Washington what happened on their piece of cake job.

As I have said before, I have been branching out of my comfort zone of tried and true superhero comics and charting a course into independent comics. I watched a video of Mr. Gibb talking about this project and I could feel the passion he has for comic books and writing and it made me instantly back this four-issue miniseries. When reading the first issue, the relationship between Denver and Randy reminded me of the partnership between Jack Cates and Reggie Hammond from 48 Hrs., two men that despise each other and must reluctantly work together and watch each other’s backs before they end up dead.

I reached out to Mr. Gibb on social media to let him know that there are four dead bodies in the comic and that the story lives up to the title. My remark may have been a sarcastic one, but I’m hoping he reads this review and knows how much I enjoyed this first issue.

Broke Down and 4 Dead Bodies is a crime thriller full of blood, betrayal, and bullets. The action is fast paced as Denver and Randy must put their differences aside long enough to figure out who double crossed them and why. Just as they start to figure out their next move, another wrench is thrown into their plans, which sets up the next issue.  I can assure you that AAA won’t be bailing them out with their trusted roadside assistance and there will be more dead bodies along the way, hopefully not Denver and Randy’s.

Face it, your favorite TV shows are on hiatus and you are probably searching for something to read when you go on vacation in the next month or so. I have an offer you can’t refuse – you can order a digital version or print copy of Broke Down and 4 Dead Bodies. You should definitely read this series and get on the ground floor before this gets optioned. I could see this becoming a feature length film or 13-episode series in the near future. The only way to chase away those fears of missing out is to check out this series now!