Weekly Video Games Thread Enjoys a Presentation

Happy Monday, and happy nearing the end of E3 proper! Unsurprisingly, the year’s biggest game show has been putting me in a wistful mood. I’ve been looking back on old Nintendo Directs and various E3 shows and clips. It’s helped me remember that while a lot of this industry is dumb and frustrating in a number of ways, including the way it conducts its trade shows and marketing, good presentations do exist. They aren’t not marketing, but they can still present good works of art and entertainment with sincerity and openness. Some give you a lot of different types of games for a diverse group of audiences; some let a creator discuss a thing they’re making.

So I’d like to provide possibly two prompts, and feel free to answer both or either (or neither!) at your leisure. Most immediately, are there any big presentations for games, whether they have big audiences or were simply pre-taped, that you’ve especially liked? Is there a favorite? And alternatively, what kinds of presentations do you like? What are things you like to see (or would like to see more)?

As for me, I’ll probably write my own thoughts below, but I’m also excited to hear about what you’ve been playing over the weekend. So please do!