Musicals Thread (Finales)

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Which musical really stuck the landing? The last scene is a show’s last chance to resolve its characters’ journeys, comment on its themes, and leave its desired impression on the audience. Whether a reprise of an earlier number or a new creation, which ending was the perfect finishing touch to (or even an improvement upon) the show preceding it? What’s your favorite finale?

“Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” acts as an epilogue to Hamilton and regularly leaves me in tears. Eliza Hamilton, who previously disregarded the obsession with legacy shared by so many of the characters, takes stock of their lives and fears coming up short, despite the impressive accomplishments she lists. Throughout the show she’s shown incredible strength amid neglect, loss, and betrayal. It’s so satisfying, then, that of all the major characters she gets the final word in this tumultuous story, and that her last lines are filled with hope and peace.