The Weekend Politics Thread Tries Not to Feel Doomed

♪ Trouble in mind, I’m blue
But I won’t be blue always,
‘Cause the sun’s gonna shine
In my backdoor some day♪
Composed by Richard M. Jones

So much rot and bother pops up in the Politics Thread on a daily basis that just once—for one time only, no refunds—your revivified WPT host designed to deign to deliver a good news story. Et violà!

Hero Rat That Sniffed Out Over 70 Landmines Retires
Read all about it.

Who could not love this? Who would not see the mere headline and feel all over as warm and fuzzy as a Cruella Couture 101 Rattus rattus fur coat?1

For one, your revivified WPT host who designed to deign to deliver a good news story.2

His troubled mind immediately invented a scenario in which the heroic rodent faced the choice of stepping down early or having Internal Affairs drop the hammer on a yearslong scheme of planting mines miraculously scried moments before a person lost a foot or worse. If firefighters fall victim to messiah complexes, what would stop a lower mammal from prevaricating to purloin plaudits?

And who speaks for all the bomb-detection dogs this cheaper-to-feed-and-house nonunion-equivalent put out of jobs?3 Or, pause to reflect on the reality where maiming and murdering devices remain everywhere scattered in residential areas and farmer’s fields.

Oh well, maybe the pet psychic counseling this retired rat for PTSD would serve as fodder for an uplifting human interest story.

Tell your your own tales below. And hum a few respectful bars of “Ben” while at the task.