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Wax On – Cobra Kai Season 1 extras

Welcome to the ‘special features’ of Cobra Kai season one! Just a reminder, please do not discuss anything further than this episode (including actors who will be in the show in the future) without putting it under the SPOILER tag.

I love behind the scenes stuff. I blame the special features from the LOTR DVDs. Yesssss…show me how you crafted that mountain! Tell me about the details on that costume! Go in depth on that hairstyle! I want it all! Yesss precious, yessss!

Pictured: me watching an hour log documentary about Bigatures.

Moving on..…how about that teaser, right? For those who don’t already know, the teaser for Cobra Kai season 4 came out last week!
Feel free to talk about it (under spoilers) in the comments. There’s no spoilers for seasons 2-3 in it, but I’m gonna label it a spoiler regardless, and put it in the spoiler box below to be safe.

Apparently some Cobra Kai fans didn’t like the season one finale? Personally I did not, I thought it was great, but interesting article.

Best moments from season one compilation.

Oh man, the snarky memes I missed!

When Samantha (Mary Mouser) is grounded by her mom in ‘Different But Same’, there’s a scene of her reading William Faulkeners ‘As I Lay Dying’. Perfect sulky teenager moment.

Sometimes I turn on the french subtitles so I can pretend I’m educating myself, which is when I saw this gem.

As we know, it was in ’82 that Johnny met Ali with an ‘I’. Good to know the french are just as confused by english numbers as I am confused by french ones. (Dear french readers, please don’t mock me, language is hard y’all!)

Ali also gave Johnny his trademark headband as a present back then! Which is why he has not let go of that thing.

I also got pretty obsessed with Johnny shooting bottlecaps for a while, and tried to learn to do it myself. Sadly, it’s harder than it looks, but maybe you’ll have more success than me.

Not really an ‘extra’ persay, but I love this look Nestor gives Bert when he’s buying a ‘carton of milk’ in ‘Mercy.’

If you pause during ‘Strike First’, you can see the reasons why Johnny wants to open a dojo. Also, his home address! Under ‘Prior Carrier Information’ he writes ‘Being a Badass’, in all caps, because that’s how Johnny rolls.

It says ‘dojo for teaching karate to kids, and anyone who wants to learn karate.’

Feel free to discus the good and the bad from the season, what you liked, and what you’re looking forwards to in season 2!
Next week: KREESE, and episode 201!

The trailer!