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Tuesday’s Politics thread is tiiiiiiiired

It was a long long weekend folks. I did BBQ for today, and for some people I understand you think this means I cooked hotdogs and hamburgers on a grill. But no, I cooked two whole pork shoulders for 13 hours. I was up until 1am Sunday night/Monday morning getting it them to 192 degrees, which is the temperature required to shred deliciously so that the char on the outside combines with the tender meat inside to create the most amazing smoky/meaty thing you’ve ever consumed.

I just got clobbered in a Facebook group I’m a part of as an alum of Washington and Lee University. There’s an announcement coming this week as to whether or not they’re going to change the name. Scuttlebutt says they aren’t going to due to a $300 million gift that’s being dangled. I’m disappointed and depressed about it, and said as much. I’ve thought the name should change since Charlottesville, and this has taken a long time. I’ve seen a lot of coddling and hand-holding going on for a bunch of racists who are basically throwing tantrums. And so I said that I’m likely taking a step back from things no matter the outcome. No cookies for changing the name at this point because it’s long overdue, and if they don’t change the name, I’m walking away. I was told I was lazy, and privileged, and a terrible ally and a whole lot of other things. Surprisingly enough, the same guy didn’t have nearly as nasty stuff to say to other men who chimed in on the thread to say the same things I said…

Anyhoo, I’m beat. So I will once again ask you to be kind to each other, no threatening Mayor McSquirrel or anyone else, give everybody a little extra wiggle room. Good on you for letting that car in front of you yesterday. It didn’t cost you anything. There are plenty of other places where people can be jerks on the internet, as evidenced above. This (thankfully) ain’t one of them.