Comic Book Review – The Blue Flame #1

Writer – Christopher Cantwell

Artist – Adam Gorham

In the past year, I have been talking comics with my friends in group chats on a daily basis and watching their weekly livestream discussions on YouTube. One thing I have paid more attention to in the past few months is the independent comic companies and their treasure trove of new releases. There have been a lot of comic series that I would have missed out on if they weren’t brought to my attention. I decided to add The Blue Flame from Vault Comics to my pull list after seeing the solicitation and preview pages for the comic and I’m sure glad I did.

The Blue Flame is a hero by the name of Sam Brausam, a regular joe from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He spends his days working on HVAC issues and his nights as a superhero as a member of the Night Brigade.

The issue opens with Sam landing on an uncharted planet in a far-off galaxy. He is brought before a gathered audience of spectators to stand trial before a small tribunal of aliens. We get a glimpse of his origin story and his interactions with his friends/teammates as they go to a car show to raise money for a local children’s hospital. The night will end in tragedy for Sam and his friends as the issue brings the reader back to the present to learn the reason for the trial and its impact on Planet Earth.

Christopher Cantwell has been making a name for himself recently as the writer for Marvel Comics’ Doctor Doom and Iron Man. I have to admit I added the comic to my pull list just before final order cutoff based on the premise alone. When I noticed Cantwell’s name on the cover of this issue, I knew I was in for something special.

This first issue gets four hot glowing blue flames out of five. If you are a fan of heroes like Adam Strange or John Carter of Mars, then this series is in your wheelhouse. Sam is an ordinary man thrust into an extraordinary situation, hoping to defy the odds to save all of existence. The story blurs the line between fantasy and reality with the final page reveal. Does the tragic event Sam encounter help spur him to become a cosmic hero or is his high-flying adventures a coping mechanism to help him process the guilt he has for what transpired at the car show? I’m very excited to learn what the truth is over the course of the series. These are the endings that make it difficult to wait another month for the newest issue to see what happens next.

Next Issue – The solicitation for the next issue can be viewed here. In Stores June 23, 2021.